"SANTORINI" card + 'WE BRING YOU TOGETHER" free service

'Santorini' card - from any place in the world to any place in the world.

We will send it instead of you. By post mail, from Greece, with Greek stamps!


Do you miss the Greek islands? Especially the enigmatic Santorini?

If you have visited Santorini or were planning to visit, either way, it certainly has a special place in your heart, your memories or dreams.

So, what if you could continue to feel connected to this magical place, even from a distance?

Our "Santorini" card was created just for that purpose. And with the new free service 'We bring you together", it goes directly to the person it is intended for. Select the card, tell us what to write on it and we will send it to the recipient instead of you. By post mail, from Greece, with Greek stamps!

Size 13x13 cm, printed on a white 300 gsm paper with delicate texture.

3.70 €

Remembering precious moments from the past, funny stories you shared together at birthday parties or wedding celebrations, the gourmet taste of the unique local wines and food, the nights you enjoyed the breathtaking sunsets or the majestic unearthly landscapes... or wishing to spend next summer there to live this amazing experience.

Santorini is not just a point on the map. It is a rare place on Earth where nature and ancient civilizations created a magic that echoes through centuries, enchanting us until today.

"We all have our time machines, don't we? Those that take us back are memories, those that carry us forward, are dreams." ... And those that make us appreciate the present day, are our cards.

The used quote is by H.G.Wells.


  • The text message has to be written with Latin, Cyrillic or Greek letters.
  • Please, note that the address of the receiver will be on the back side of the card, the space is limited (card size 13x13 cm), and therefore the text of the message should be very short. But hey, that's why post cards were made for!
  • No messages with offensive words will be processed and the payment will not be returned.
  • Our company is not responsible for the relationship between the parties - sender/recipient.


  • Where do you ship?

We ship all over the world.

  • How do you ship?

For a more traditional look of the concept, the card is shipped via the Hellenic State Post, A' Priority Mail, sealed with Greek stamps (how cool to receive something like that!)

  • How much it costs as total?

€3.70 (card) + €2.00 (stamps) + €0.00 (service) = €5.70 total

  • The text will be written by hand?

Yes, it will be written by hand.

  • How to order this service?
  1. Click the button 'Add to cart' to proceed to payment.
  2. Fill in your data
  3. Choose as Shipping Method "We Bring You Together"
  4. Choose any of the Payment Methods except 'Pay on Deliver'  (it is a post card ;)
  5. Fill in the box 'Additional Information' - the text you want to be written on the card and the recipient address.

That's it. When the card is sent, you will receive a notification mail.

  • When it will be received?

We will fulfill the order on the very first working day after its submission but the delivery time depends on the relevant post services (local and international). Following up on the information from the Hellenic State Post, they normally deliver within 3-5 business days after the day of deposit. However, due to COVID-19 world restrictions the ability to deliver a product as quickly and efficiently as they do during normal times are affected and may take longer than usual.

  • What if a card is lost and not received at all?

In case the card is not delivered within a month of its order, please contact us, and we will send another one for you, free of charge. We cover all the cost.

  • May I order just the card without the service "We Bring You Together"?

Of course! In that case follow the usual procedure for buying a product and not the one mentioned above.

  • What if I want to purchase any other product(s) along with the Santorini Card service "We Bring You Together"?
Unfortunately, for now it is not possible. You have to make these purchases separately.