behind the cards

'I can't wait to kiss you' is inspired by the unique frescoes 'Spring Flowers and Swallows' in the famous Greek island of Santorini.

Let me repeat it: the island of Santorini. Does the name sound familiar to you? If by chance you have not heard about it, I suppose you have stumbled upon at least one image from there. You know, one of those with white painted low-lying cubical houses and blue domed churches clustered at the top of the edge of caldera. Not to mention, of course, the photos with the breathtaking views towards the volcano or those with gorgeous sunsets at the background.

Beside its present distinctive beauty, this amazing Greek island impresses also with its magnificent ancient heritage - the frescoes in Ancient Akrotiri village.

Between 1627 and 1600 BC, a violent volcanic eruption interrupted the life on the island for a few centuries. It buried everything under a thick layer (up to 60 m/200 ft) of volcanic ash and pumice, and it was not until 1967 when excavations started, that an advanced prehistoric settlement, till then unknown, was discovered. Because it is close to the modern village of Akrotiri (at the southern part of the island), it was given the same name 'Ancient Akrotiri.

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