Versatility and Benefits

No matter where you are planning to spend your summer vacation, at least one long-sleeved t-shirt is among the essential clothes you have to take with you. In an island, in the mountains, in the forests, don't forget to include it in your luggage. A long-sleeved t-shirt is suitable for any weather conditions - from sunny and hot, to windy and humid. Just make sure to wear fabrics that breathe and release the heat from your body.

1. Keeps you safe from sunburn (extremely important for those with fair skin)

2. Keeps you cooler in the day - a covered skin stays cooler than exposed skin

"Aren't you hot in that?" A typical question in the warmest season of the year. In the West, we are used to taking off our clothes when temperatures start to rise, hoping to get cooler. However, a millennial experience of the people in the Sahara desert, demonstrates that wearing loose-fitting, long, heavy robes, and head wrappings is the best solution to prevent sweat from evaporating quickly and to allow air to circulate.

3. Keeps you warm when out at night - especially in brisk summer nights in islands or somewhere by the water

4. Ideal for your health at all public places - offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. - as they usually are fully air conditioned in quite low temperatures, a long-sleeved shirt can be a very comfortable option to safeguard against a summer cold.

5. Keeps you protected from biting insects like mosquitos

6. Gives you a more sophisticated look - long-sleeves actually make your summer outfit more elegant. Even with shorts, bare legs and sandals, the long-sleeves will definitely make you feel chic and stylish at a fancy restaurant or while dinning on the cruise.

7. Just in case - even with the endless sun, there are always rainy and chilly days in summer.

And by the way, have you noticed that even in the hottest locations, all cowboys wear long-sleeves?