Posters Arrangement & Composition Ideas

Posters are a great way to express yourself through art and design. Whether you want to hang a single poster or arrange a few in groups, they will spice up your interior design and liven up your space.

Here are some simple professional tips in the creation of compositions that might help you, but feel free to experiment and follow your inner voice in arranging them as you like them.

  • Use a similar colour palette - it gives a focal point to the eyes and adds visual interest
  • Use pictures belonging to the same collection - being thematically related usually gives a more harmonized impression and the overall result will create a stronger style.
  • Put them side by side, align them vertically, horizontally or at an angle, slightly staggered, symmetrically or asymmetrically - so many options depending on your space and their size. Be creative!
  • Frame them or not - use double-sided craft tape if you want your poster directly on the wall.
  • Attach to poster rails for a modern look or to make them pop, use colorful push pins