In Full Bloom

Series of three black and white photographs of different orchard spring blossoms in celebration of beauty.

The series is inspired by the Japanese word "Mono-no-Aware" (MOH-no no ah-WA-reh), which could be translated as "the pathos of things", "an empathy toward things", or "a sensitivity to ephemera".

The philosophy behind this word is the awareness of the impermanence of everything that exists, to appreciate the moment because of its fleeting nature and create a deeper connection with it.

Every season new blossoms flourish and then die to remind us how ethereal and fragile our world is. All things will inevitably pass and it is that which makes them so precious. The transience of the physical world and our awareness that beauty is impermanent makes us prone to honour and celebrate it more.

Seize the good moments, embrace them and enjoy to the full while they last.