Conscious Living Lifestyle

We love the philosophy of conscious living. That balanced state of mind and being in connection with yourself, those around you, and the whole world. The way of perceiving the daily life with lightness, clarity, simplicity and awareness.

Slow fashion is a part of this natural lifestyle choice and we are its passionate advocate. It is all about living better, through a conscious responsibility for consumption of clothes.

There is no doubt that fast fashion has "democratized" the high-end styles that are now available to all classes of consumers, quickly and at a cheap price. Unfortunately, the system of overproduction and overconsumption has made fashion one of the largest polluters in the world (second to oil). The price is paid by our precious and only one home, the Earth. The high-speed, at which garments are produced, creates an environmental footprint at all stages from resource to disposal.

The production of new clothing doubled from 2000 to 2015, reaching numbers from 50 to 100 billion. However not all of these 100 billion clothes are located in our wardrobes. While the fashion giants don't share much information, it is suspected that every 5th piece is not sold. What happens to them is still unknown but there is a great possibility that they end up in the landfills. From there onwards, only 1% of the total textile waste is recycled, a percentage which refers exclusively to the natural fabric garments, as the synthetic ones are difficult to recycle. Not to mention the pre-production waste of 25% from fabrics intended for clothing.

For the last two decades we produce more, because we want to have more. But why? Do we wear all that we have? What latest research, like the one from Greenpeace, has found out is that 40% of our clothes are rarely or never worn, while it is estimated that approximately 60 new pieces per year make their way into an average wardrobe! Therefore we roughly add 24 new useless items every year!

Human beings have always been consumers, but do we really need so many new garments this often? Fashion and clothing are an import part in the lives of many of us, but is it healthy to continue living in such an accelerated path of consumerism? It looks like we have lost the right rhythm.

What is the solution? Our suggestion - apply the conscious living philosophy.

It is not about anti-consumption, but to place your values on an alternative consumption. Take a long-term resourceful approach to fashion - pause, re-think and redefine your concepts. Be aware of your actions and their impact on yourself and the planet. A global new movement emerges from 'consumptive' to 'considered' thoughtful approach to fashion and you could be part of it. As Vivian Westwood proclaimed in 2017 "Buy less, choose well, make it last", and we have called them the "Three Steps to the Conscious Living Philosophy in fashion."

· Buy less - Create a capsule wardrobe. Love the things you have.

· Choose well - Go for sustainable clothing. Prefer natural fibres.

· Make it last - Invest in quality. Choose an enjoyable lifetime experience.

Following them, our goal is to create and produce very limited designs - timeless and seasonless, thus, giving a longer opportunity to savour the moment, to pay attention to details, to feel connected emotionally with the garment. We want to restore a natural world where ethics and aesthetics harmoniously unite and you can focus on the style that truly appeals to you. With great care in selecting our fabrics, we work with responsible, certified partners in textiles, in order to offer you the best standards.

Big changes start with small steps within us. We have choices to make regarding WHAT we consume and HOW MUCH we consume of it. "Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live" (Anna Lappe). We are connected and each one of our personal choices and actions affects all of us and our future. And eventually "cumulatively small decisions, choices and actions make a very big difference" (Jane Goodall).

The personal evolution to a conscious living is just a product away.

It is about making a real and meaningful connection with ourselves leading to environmental benefits and making the world a better place.

So, how do you want your life to be - abundant with things or abundant with values?

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