Premium Classic Pack

2 packs x 9 selected PREMIUM CLASSIC CARDS at big discount of 68.00€. Each pack is carefully wrapped and includes: 9 selected cards from series 'Premium Classic' 9 envelopes 9 clear small round paper stickers giving an elegant opportunity to close up the envelope and send it by post mail. a gift 'Preview' card that can be used as a card itself a gift 'Thank You' card to express your gratitude to somebody You receive 18 premium classic cards with envelopes and stickers + 4 gift cards = all this at the big discount of

68.00 €

    Buy 9 separate cards from series 'Premium Classic' for 40.5€...


    Order 2 Premium Classic Packs for 68.00€.

    Save 13€ + get 4 gift cards (2 in each package)

     'premium classic' cards

    nine selected cards in one package

    'preview' card

    nine selected cards in one package

    'thank you' card

    nine selected cards in one package

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