The 'Empress' t-shirt is created especially to take a place in your sustainable capsule wardrobe. Its beautiful original and high-quality printed design guarantees a timeless classic with countless refined styling possibilities. No matter the occasion, casual or glamorous, it is suitable for all ages and styles. For you, or any woman or a girl, you want to make it a gift.

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No matter where you are planning to spend your summer vacation, at least one long-sleeved t-shirt is among the essential clothes you have to take with you. In an island, in the mountains, in the forests, don't forget to include it in your luggage.

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'I Can't Wait To Kiss You'

behind the inspiration for the design

Our 'I can't wait to kiss you' card design is inspired by the unique fresco 'Spring' (known also as 'Spring Flowers and Swallows*'), a real masterpiece of art, found at the famous Greek island of Santorini.

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Posters are a great way to express yourself through art and design. Whether you want to hang a single poster or arrange a few in groups, they will spice up your interior design and liven up your space.

Here are some simple professional tips in the creation of compositions that might help you, but feel free to experiment and follow your inner voice in arranging them as you like them.

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